We drill for heat, not fossil-fuels 😉

gtml offers renewable energy solutions based on the earth’s own inner heat. With a minimal surface footprint we provide eternal and continuous energy from deep energy wells.

The energy we bring up is clean, reliable and without emissions and come from an inexhaustible source.

We offer a competitive energy supply for the future. Our solutions are aligned with the UN sustainability targets.

gtml provides the knowhow and technology to establish complete energy supply facilities, including operational management of these.

Knowledge is our strength.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Thor Erik Musæus thor.erik.musaeus@gtml.energy +47 908 21 294
Pål Jarness paul.jarness@gtml.energy +46 70-347 47 50
Alexander Solberg alexander.solberg@gtml.energy +47 473 90 782
Sjur Talstad sjur.talstad@gtml.energy +47 905 99 891

We support the Sustainable Development Goals